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machine layout design Making Animals Out Of Vegetables

machine layout design Making Animals Out Of Vegetables is produced by advanced design concept and easy to operate,machine layout design Making Animals Out Of Vegetables By using VVVF(variable voltage and variable frequency) and the machine is produced by strict production control.
Contact Part:220V/380V/110V;50Hz/60Hz Customized
Packing Speed: 7-50 Bags/Min
Payment terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Packaging: Fumigation-Free Wooden Box
Certification: CE,SGS,ISO2000,ISO9001

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Main Features:
1. A wide range of bags: stand-up bags,handbags,zipper bags,4-side sealing bags,M type bags,etc.
2. Easy to operate: PLC Controller, mate with touch screen and electric control system.
3. Easy to adjust: you can change different pouches in a few minutes.
4. Frequency control: speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion within the range.
5. High Automation: no need people in weighing and packing process, the machine will alarm automatically when fails.

Safety And Hygiene Standard:
1. No pouch/ incorrect pouch opening-no fill-no seal, the machine will alarm.
2. The machine will alarm and stop when there is inadequate air pressure.
3. Safety guards with safety-switches, the machine will alarm and stop when the safety guards are opened.
4. Hygienic construction, the product contact parts are adopted sus304 stainless steel.
5. Imported engineering plastic bearings, no need to oil, no contamination.
6. Oil-free vacuum pump, avoid the pollution of the production environmental.

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Production workshop